The Charger

Dinos is having a phone call when Romulus carelessly strolls into his office, butt naked. Dinos tries to ignore his brother real hard but he keeps moving impatiently and it’s starting to get on his nerves “I am sorry. I’m gonna have to call you back.” He says and hangs up the phone. “Rome really?! I could be in a meeting. What if I’m sitting here with my boss, hmn?” “Well then he is in luck! I worked really hard on these abs. If he has never seen a naked guy before he sure missed out a lot in life.” “What’s the justification for your intrusion this time?” “charger” “Come again?” “I can’t find my phonecharger” “Christ, what am I, your mom?! It’s right there on the bloody table just where you left it.” “thanks mom” “Get out, you fool!” Teeth grinding Dinos picked up a pile of forms and stamped over to the scanner to get his administration done. After a while he forgot about the incident and his mind drifted off, untill the scanner suddenly stopped. “Ughh… why me?” he looked up and noticed that more things had died out. “Romulus… the power is out I’m gonna… ohhh… oh God no”

When Rome opened his eyes again, coughing up water, Dinos seemed relieved and very angry at the same time. “whoa… that was crazy man… pfffttt” Rome recalled. “What idiot takes his phone with him IN bath?” “not good?” “You could have killed yourself” “ohh that’s not good, is it?” “Look at my suit… It’s soaked!” “yeah… hey we can put it on the balcony to dry, together with my phone.”


What’s my name again?

My muses names threw the ages…

(West) Tullus Lupercius Romulus

(East) Publius Lupercius Remus

Both muses full names would have a meaning something like: for the people, from the wolf, citicen of Rome

Do note that Remus & Romulus are their cognomen, their nicknames.

I made the family name (Roman call Gens) up because I think it should be something for their family exclusively. Gens Lupercia

Girls are named Lupercia plural Luperciae,

Boys are named Lupercius plural Lupercii

Hypothetically a new household member would get a (new) first name, followed by the cognomen (nickname) Lupercianus

Romulus’ kids can also call themselves “their named” followed by “Marci Romulus” (son of Romulus)


Modern times. Since Romulus came back he only uses the name Romulus, (or Rome, appearantly it’s a popular modern name just like Paris)

He doesnt use the last name “Vargas” really. Although he appreciates the sentiment that the family seems to have adopted him.

He does have a few fake identity cards with weird random names that don’t mean anything to him but he can use to get things done.

Not being officially registered has been scary and degrading at times but proved to be strangely appealing and liberating to him in other ways. Since he is a runaway (from heaven, lol) he feels he needs to earn it. He won’t be changing his name anytime soon. I think.


Publius Lupercius Remus

Till he get’s baptised (160 AD), then it’s

Renatus Lupercius Cyriacus

(RENATUS m Late Roman

Late Latin name meaning “born again”)

(CYRIACUS m Late Roman Latinized form of the Greek name Κυριακος (Kyriakos), which meant “of the lord” (derived from Greek κυριος (kyrios) "lord").

After Constantin’s passing (337 AD) he changed his name as a tribute to him and it became Konstant Kyriakus

In modern times he changed it to

Dinos Hatzikaratheodoris

(in Greek: Ντίνος Χατζηkαραθεοδωρή)

Dinos is a diminutive form of the name Constantine.

Hatzi is a prefix to his last name meaning he has been on a pilgrimage.

The Karatheodoris family is well spread worldwide and includes Princes, High officials and scientists, for instance a german mathematician. And it is a name that you might hear in Istanbul still.

Kara means Pure and Theodoris means God Given

Fun fact:

Ofcourse I googled the name and… appearantly in 1888 the Schwiss palaeontologist, Forsyth Major, named a extinct subspecies of ostrich that lived in the Pleistocene period: Struthio Karatheodoris!… so there is that. It’s a little late for Dinosaurs, but I must say that the similarity is striking. Cause my muse will bury his head in the sand too if he doesn’t like what he’s hearing.


Men ughhhh

Romulus domus was larger than she had expected it to be. Her husband mentioned he had money problems, but it wasn’t showing. They got a nice room and even her slaves got a good place to stay. Romulus seemed to treat everybody with respect either of high or low ranking, except women… what was to be expected. But she’d take care of that now. “Mister Rome, Tullus… can you spare a moment?” He looked up from his paperwork and smiled “Yes?” “Can we have a word in private?” He nodded and asked a slave to leave the room and close the door to his study. He shoved his paperwork aside and got up. Iullia looked around curiously from behind her peacock fan. What a mess this place. “I’d like to thank you personally for the warm welcome” “Iullia, You are family!” he said leaning in to kiss her brow. She halted him by smacking him with the back of her hand. He looked at her in disbelief. “Don’t you EVER touch me” she said “I only meant..” “NOBODY cares for your intentions, which I’m sure are gallant… but often naive. I am married to your brother so you’ll keep your distance at all times.” Romulus didn’t know what to say. He figured she got hurt by someone and that she was afraid of him.

“If you fail to do this for him…” Ohh it was not about her. She took him by the ear like a child and whispered “…I’ll scoop out your eyes with a spoon so you can see up close how I castrate you. Do I make myself clear?” he jerked loose and rubbed his ear “alright… I promiss, I won’t forget.” “I am So glad to hear that” “..Lady Iullia?” “Yes dear?” “Take good care of him. I believe you two are a perfect match” she sighed “Naive didn’t I say. There is no such thing. You read too much stories. Perfection takes time and effort always” “Even in love?” “Especially in love you fool”



468 – 485 AD Iullia III (Rossa)

Renatus didn’t feel much for sharing his life with anyone anymore. What’s the use he’d never find someone like his Iullia ever again. Who would live with a man like him? Besides he was pre occupied with many things. Christianity had become the norm by now. But that didn’t mean life was easy. The brothers were under constant treat of invasions. The borders had become too long and logistics run short. Also some savages had grown too desperate and others too ambitious.

Romulus would not leave his city like any responsible person had done. It hadn’t been the seat of the emperors for a long time. As a matter of fact some hadn’t even bothered to pay the old city a visit ever. Rome was done. A thing of the past. Romulus himself had grown weak too. When Renatus agreed to a marriage with a woman from a fine Roman family to strenghten old bonds, Not Even Then did Romulus came over for the feast.

Another Iullia, but nothing like ‘his Iullia’. She worked hard and was reliable but the couple was an absolute mismatch. She spoke five languages but they failed to communicate in any. She was a nervous woman that was easily intimidated and his harsch words weighted her down. He almost never called her by her first name instead he called her ‘redhead’ for her hair had a red shine to it. Renatus called her dumb and overemotional and a lot of things whenever he felt under pressure. It wasn’t even that it made him feel better about himself anymore, it was just something he did. He demanded her to eat more cause she was ‘way too skinny and pale’ to go out in public. People might think he didn’t feed or treat her right.

She was worried about him but couldn’t help him in a way he needed. She couldn’t support him at all when the inevitable happend, a letter came saying Rome had fallen. It took Renatus three days before he cried. He didn’t trust anyone to see him like that. Let alone his wife. From then on the married couple were living apart together. He practically lived in his study. The bullying ceased but the silence she received now was just as awfull. Even though he treated her unkindly she took care of him. He never noticed the things she did or simply took it for granted. When people asked her if she loved him she’d reply she took her vows very seriously because she loved God. And she didn’t have to love a man to take care for her country. What would he be without her? What is a man without his woman anyway?



Remus and the trespasser

What was that sound? He sat up carefully, not to startle his sleeping wife. Perhaps he was just imagining things but he couldn’t shake the feeling off something was wrong. On tip toes he got his gladius and went to investigate while Iulia claimed the whole bed for herself.

Licinus dropped off the wall into the inner courtyard, raising his brow when he felt the tip of a blade down his chin. His icy gaze run all over the blade to meet that of the other. It was silent for the longest moment till the intruder took a step back and coughed deeply. “That’s a nasty cough you got there” “I’ll live” The blade was down his chin again, pressing his face up.

Who was this comedian and what was he here for, the man thought to himself. The intruder looked down to him, hardly impressed by the unpleasant welcome and finally spoke “I first thought you were some new clueless guard, but you must be Romulus brother… cause his guards come better dressed” “Name and business” “Licinus and none of yours” Another deep cough followed.

The man would have stabbed him, but it wasn’t his call, not on these grounds. So he tried to make him talk. “Well I am dressed for the night which is what all righteous people are at this hour. You smell and are glad in nothing but dirt it seems” “Truer words were never spoken. So I’m free to go? I’d like a bath” “Absolutely not” “You are getting on my nerves now” “The feeling is mutual I can assure you. A little late for a visit to my brother, don’t you say?” This pissed Licinus off so much he hit the sword out the others hand so that it flew to the ground with a loud ‘clang’. “No I don’t say. I was BUSY. A lot of Christians got burned out their homes this evening” “And you volunteerd?” “Indeed I have”

So the bastard didn’t even deny it. People just loved to destroy their things. The persecutions were the sole reason why he was under his brothers roof again. It seemed even here they weren’t as safe as they hoped any more.

A guard checked if everything was alright, but gave a nod and left again when he saw the others talking. Licinus continued: “Sorry to say but you are not so popular. Nobody feels like risking their lives for the bunch of you. But I feel every life is worth saving, so yes, I volunteerd. You … still… don’t get it do you? I’m a fireman… I saved your useless brothers. Well unless you stab me instead of just waving your gladius at me like a child, I’m off to my bath and business now” “Just because you did ONE good deed doesn’t excuse you from… whatever it is you are doing to my brother” “See, this is why nobody likes you.” He replied before going his way. But it did raise the question Just how many DID it take?



280 to 320 AD lullia II

Renatus befriended a young widow by the name Iullia. After he had already used nearly any excuse to spend more and more time with her, he asked her to wed him. She mokingly asked him what took him so long. He absolutely loved her curvy body but feared her fiery character at times. She ruled the art of diplomatics however and knew what to do or say, or NOT, for the best interest of her and her husband. She always stood beside him in public but indoors she would violently scream, throw doors and damn him to Hell at times. They fought over everything and nothing. She usually won, whether or not she was right. Luckely for any neighbours, their making up never was so loud. She was religious, born and raised in a Christian family, but pragmatic. Iullia strongly believed that they needed more Christians at high positions, not more nameless martyrs.

In 303 things heated up in the Eastern regions so bad, Iullia persuaded her husband for them to leave and live in with his brother for a while. Romulus was overjoyed and gave them a warm welcome.

Iullia, without children of her own, liked to spoil Romulus’ kids. It wasn’t always easy, even in Rome Christians were burned out their homes at times. But Romulus’ domus was a safe haven. Nobody dared to ask him to hand over his guests.

The bloody persecutions finally ended after ten years and Renatus was eager to leave again, being his own master instead of a guest. Iullia was visibly emotional by the parting. She came to love the family and the old city, but she followed her husband as always. They visited as frequentedly as work permitted untill Iullia’s failing health forbid it. She died a little over sixty. Renatus mourned for a long time. People were sad she was gone, if only because she could reason with Renatus unlike any other. The fastest way ever to get to him, was threw her.



240 ad – 256 ad Adina

Remus had thought never to let a woman into his life anymore. Centuries had past and he was a Christian now. He then met Adina and was intrigued by her. They shared interests. They both were pretty fanatic in their aproach to the faith and they had heated and endless discussions about all sorts of things. She was incredibly intelligent and charming and she stood her ground like a rock. He still wasn’t an easy man to live with at times. But he had sworn off alcohol and when his temper got really bad he now took it out on things instead of people.

It were stressfull times. The Christians were persecuted intensely. An edict was called to make all register their offerings to the Roman Gods. Remus, now known by the name Renatus Lupercius Cyriacus, told the officials in the most charming manner to go fuck themselves. Romulus could not stop the officials from executing his brother together with his wife for their stubborness. He was quite shocked when his brother didn’t show any emotion on his wife’s passing, except for an intense sense of pride that she had been so brave.

From Askme-Dolce-Italia: Ciao Nonno! My boss …

From Askme-Dolce-Italia: Ciao Nonno! My boss has been keeping me really busy lately, I'm tired. Haha. I wonder how Germany and Japan do it, they're always so busy. Anyway, I hope you're doing well Nonno, I hope you drink some really tastey wine amd try not to get into any unnecessary fights, si? (=♡=)~


Ahh well, look on the bright side you sleep well when you work hard. You’ll be fine. You don’t have to take all their crap though. Enough is enough, alright?

You wonder? Why don’t you just ask… ohh yeah… I forgot.. they are not so talkative, right? Well I heard, from a co-worker, from a brother of a friend of mine that the Japanese are crazy kinky, cause he dated one. But yeah I don’t know. What does the internet say? I can tell you how most of them savages are though, surprisingly quiet… unless somebody is watching. Then they all go ‘look at me’ like they are a rockstar or whatever.

I’m out of wine. I kinda switched to beer cause it’s cheaper. And all the cool guys drink beer, so. I don’t want them to laugh at me. You understand, right?

I have never got into a unnecessary fight in my life?!? I don’t know what you are talking about. Anyway, bless you boy. – SPQR

i know i'm probably overthinking it but i…

i know i'm probably overthinking it but is there ANY possibility that when romulus said that greece was hard to draw he didn't mean that he couldn't draw her bc her physique was hard to put on paper but that it was emotionally hard for him to draw her??

Yisss you noticed! Romulus is a emotional guy and she means the world to him.

He knows her too well to draw her. Romulus can draw ridiculously well from memory. “If I have seen it once I can draw it” is how he puts it. But he has seen Greece in so many different natures that drawing her is hard on him. How do you picture a lover, a friend, a teacher, a mother figure, a competitor, a complete bitch… all at once. How do you pick what defines her most. And mostly how would Romulus know how to draw her in a way that his brother would accept the image. They both love her dearly, but in another light. Romulus is not scared to be vunerable. Dinos will hold on to perfect images and therefore is unable to peel off certain layers with the ease his brother does. Romulus could never draw Greece for Dinos, because they are not talking about the same person.

Thanks for asking!

Carthage absolutely should be destroyed, you&#…

Carthage absolutely should be destroyed, you're right.

Romulus: I don’t want to fight him, I think he’s cool.

Remus: Really?! I thought after all the shit he’s been saying about you…

Romulus: What? What did he say?

Remus: You don’t know… ohh… No nothing… forget I mentioned it

Romulus: What?

Remus: Nah I don’t want to say it. Cause I know you get all upset.

Romulus: I won’t be upset. I promiss!


Romulus: I can’t believe he said that. I just want to roll up and die

Remus: That’s not very constructive. You could tell him that hearing that was really hurtfull to you and give him the opportunity to say he’s sorry. Maybe I heard wrong or maybe he didn’t meant what…


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