What happend to her?

Only the Gods know, brother.

trigger warning: murder

Greece, what a marvelous woman. Remus first saw her when he was still a boy. There was something about her that made everyones jaw drop. It wasn’t that he had never seen a finer woman before but it was like he was struck by lightning. She didn’t notice him. He told his brother everything about her and he smiled. Brother didn’t care too much for girls but he understood what it was to be drawn to another so much it hurt. When they finally forced Macedonia into submission she acknowledged the Roman Republic had maybe grown to a pest she should no longer ignore. But only after the twins beat down Athens she wanted to know what brat was responsible for this. This was the first time she looked him in the eyes. They were mesmerising and judging. Her frown was deep and even that looked great on her. Remus decided they were meant to be together. The chickens agreed so did all the other signs. He checked thoroughly cause what plans he had for her and himself could shake the very earth. Augustus was convinced and they did so much to please her. Slowly but steadily he’d win her over. They wrote and they met. After the first carefull smile he got from her things went rather quick. Maybe a little too quick and careless to his liking but still… progress.

Romulus was seeing a charioteer at the time and it was bound to come out at some point to hurt the Republic… well Republic… the senate was more of a formality by now. But the people did not need a representative that played wife for another man. Remus hated to be that person to kill off his lovers. But so much was at stake here. Things greater than their personal needs. He thought it a shame to kill him off allready. He used it as a tool to make his brother do whatever he or the people needed. When the charioteer did fell at some point, mortals are so fragile after all, Remus got the blaim.

And then the unthinkable happend. Romulus couldn’t take it any more and opened up to Greece. She mothered him. And overnight they became friends, or something. And that’s how brother who never thought much of women slowly fell in love with her too.

They were made for eachother Greece and Remus. And for the 900th anniversary of Rome they would marry. How could she refuse?

But Greece would have none of that. Clearly Remus was an idiot if he thought she’d ever belong to one man. He didn’t understand untill he found out he wasn’t the only Rome she had bed.

He drank to dull the sadness and his cowardice and headed to her home demanding explanations and a formal apology. When her words left him unsatisfied he figured if he could not have her nobody should. If only he had known that bringing her child to life and politics and internal struggles had weakened her so much that this death was to stay. She should get up cause he was not done with her. He’d kill her two times more for her betrayal! But she would not get up. With his blurred mind he tried to figure out how this was even possible. How could these hands kill the one thing in life he hold so dear? Maybe if he waited a little longer? When the sun came up he left in shock and disbelief.

What sick turn of fortune was this? There was no comfort. He hated himself more than ever. He wished he could just start all over again. Either the Gods had forsaken him, or worse, just like everything else it was all just made up. He had been living a lie all his life.

Carthage absolutely should be destroyed, you&#…

Carthage absolutely should be destroyed, you're right.

Romulus: I don’t want to fight him, I think he’s cool.

Remus: Really?! I thought after all the shit he’s been saying about you…

Romulus: What? What did he say?

Remus: You don’t know… ohh… No nothing… forget I mentioned it

Romulus: What?

Remus: Nah I don’t want to say it. Cause I know you get all upset.

Romulus: I won’t be upset. I promiss!


Romulus: I can’t believe he said that. I just want to roll up and die

Remus: That’s not very constructive. You could tell him that hearing that was really hurtfull to you and give him the opportunity to say he’s sorry. Maybe I heard wrong or maybe he didn’t meant what…



Rome: *scrolling threw pinterest sighing* Brother, who was your favorite?

Constantinople: My favorite what?

R: wife?

C: ohhh… my dearest Iulia

R: dude you married three by that name!

C: the second ofcourse

R: whole lotta Iulia

C: she was beautifull

R: golddigger Iulia

C: beautifull

R: And her hair! She had like 2 people to do her hair?!

C: Three actually. It took them two hours every morning

R: I liked her. She was a little crazy, in a good way. Like remember her face on her birthday. THE birthday.

C: *laughing* ohh no… You really want to bring up this story?

So one day we were at the forum and some plebian was angry at me for some reason…

R: You kicked the guy out his appartment

C: fair enough… this pleb…

R: he throws a fucking egg at your wife. Ha ha. this will never get old.

C: she was furious

R: yeah and she be like shouting I WILL HAVE THAT MANS HEAD ON A SILVER PLATE! on the forum. She was totally crazy, man.

C: Are you telling the story or me?

R: Ahhh sorry, east.

C: So what did I get my lovely wife for her birthday?


C: a bust.

She nearly divorced me for that

R: It was worth it… Ohhh gods, I’m still laughing.

Wait,how many times have you DROWNED your BROT…

Wait,how many times have you DROWNED your BROTHER???!Rome thatst not healthy

Rome: Man I don’t know. I haven’t exactly counted. It was fun!

Not healthy… Pfffft… he can take it. It doesn’t bother him at all. I think he get’s off by it. You know he’s orthodox, right? They love water!

Constantinople: Nine

Rome: what?!

Constantinople: You drowned me nine times

Rome: See?! Healthy as a fish!


You promised

Romulus was too tired to fight. “Come on, Dinos, it’s not a big deal” He never called him that unless he called defeat, but his brother was not going easy on him, not today.

“I will tell you where you were last night. Out drinking! Sharing drinks and beds with strangers… while you promised you’d be here to help me out!”

Romulus didn’t even deny it. “I’d said I’d bring the damned boxes before the elections and I will” “how will you do that?” “The hell you mean by that.. damnit stop speaking in riddles I’m SO done…” Dinos remaint silent crossing his arms he just stood there for the other to do the math. Romulus hated it when he did that. Like he didn’t know he was an airhead. Everybody has their faults. What did he forget this time? “No way that’s today?… On a sunday?! Who the Hell thought it’s a good day to run on Sunday, f*ck. I need sleep” “YOU THINK I SLEPT?” “dude chill… it’s just a minor election, right.. It has nothing to do with you. It’s not your job… man I’ll bring them right now ok. No need to get all worked up over this… Are… are you crying?” “No” “I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to. I’ll bring them now” “no stay with me” “ok… Do you want me to..” “no, just shut up and stay here with me” “ok”

Did you convert to Christianity when it became…

Did you convert to Christianity when it became a state religion right away?

Dinos: Not all my bosses were so pleased with it.

Romulus: I respected my brothers choice and all that. And later on I thought it was good for the kids. But for myself? I was really pissed off when they started to erase the past from public life. I’d just continue to do what we did, for myself in private. When they put out the sacred fire of the Vestal Virgins they had to restrain me cause I was ready to take some down with it.

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