You promised

Romulus was too tired to fight. “Come on, Dinos, it’s not a big deal” He never called him that unless he called defeat, but his brother was not going easy on him, not today.

“I will tell you where you were last night. Out drinking! Sharing drinks and beds with strangers… while you promised you’d be here to help me out!”

Romulus didn’t even deny it. “I’d said I’d bring the damned boxes before the elections and I will” “how will you do that?” “The hell you mean by that.. damnit stop speaking in riddles I’m SO done…” Dinos remaint silent crossing his arms he just stood there for the other to do the math. Romulus hated it when he did that. Like he didn’t know he was an airhead. Everybody has their faults. What did he forget this time? “No way that’s today?… On a sunday?! Who the Hell thought it’s a good day to run on Sunday, f*ck. I need sleep” “YOU THINK I SLEPT?” “dude chill… it’s just a minor election, right.. It has nothing to do with you. It’s not your job… man I’ll bring them right now ok. No need to get all worked up over this… Are… are you crying?” “No” “I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to. I’ll bring them now” “no stay with me” “ok… Do you want me to..” “no, just shut up and stay here with me” “ok”

Did you convert to Christianity when it became…

Did you convert to Christianity when it became a state religion right away?

Dinos: Not all my bosses were so pleased with it.

Romulus: I respected my brothers choice and all that. And later on I thought it was good for the kids. But for myself? I was really pissed off when they started to erase the past from public life. I’d just continue to do what we did, for myself in private. When they put out the sacred fire of the Vestal Virgins they had to restrain me cause I was ready to take some down with it.

Dinos: you are not as ‘anonymous’ as you think…

Dinos: you are not as ‘anonymous’ as you think you are

Romulus: *chokes in wine* Dude they are just joking!

Dinos: Do you see me laughing?

Romulus: ok guys, stop making fun of my brother. Remus is a boring old man that doesn’t understand humour

Dinos: I understand very well, Moon Moon. But I’m an old fashioned man, like you said, and comedians have no status, therefore, their only right is to feed a lion when their performance proves lousy.

Romulus: dude, I don’t even know if you are joking or not anymore.


Ready for war

“Don’t take me for a fool, I know that” Remus said annoyed to the senators present in his office. The youth sat back in his chair hands running threw his hair. “It’s just that, convincing my brother is going to be hard! He’s tired of your… war mongering” one slammed his hands on his desk angrily “WHy You little…” Remus looked him dead in the eye “Don’t you fucking raise you voice to me. I AM Rome and I WILL end your carrier if you annoy me enough. You haven’t got what it…” A sudden idea came up that made him get up with a smile. “Ok senator, hit me in the face” Even though the kid was a pest the senator was reluctant to answer. Remus was serious about it though. “What you chicken?” he said pushing him away. “Hit me like you mean it!” The man looked back at the others as if asking for advice. One finally stated “You are granted to do what people in the senate possibly have been wishing to do for centuries, how can you fail to see how privileged you are?… no offense, young sir” “None taken. I find your words of wisdom inspiring” “Beat the crap out of that brat or I will”

Romulus was send for. Shocked he found his poor dear brother in ruins. “What the fuck happend?!” “Persia he…” “Say no more. I will give him Hell this time”

What are your opinions on blood sports?

What are your opinions on blood sports?

Dinos: Romulus loved the races. Not like the hooligans as an excuse to beat people up. He genuinely just loved the races.

Romulus: I still love races!… Bro did like the circus but times were different, right?! Brother does a lot of things to help the animals now. Like he helps stray cat’s and stuff and he doesn’t eat meat and things like that. He’s a good man.


On why Dinos won’t let his brother date guys

In short:

  1. God said no.
  2. His status is more important.
  3. The state depends on a flawless image.
  4. brother must be protected at all costs.

Let me elaborate on that.

In modern times Dinos would just say It’s because dating guys would make him distance himself further from God so in the end it would make him unhappy.

In ancient times he didn’t like his choice of partner, because Romulus is the passive type in his relationships almost exclusively. To Dinos this is a serious problem which he has tried to fix but he hasn’t been very succesfull.

Relationships in those times in Rome were seen as with absolute man-wife roles. You dont have to scroll far back my blog to notice my characters don’t treat women with so much respect, if any. To let his brother date his choice of partner is accepting he’s getting seriously downgraded in status. Romans were so serious about this it was considered a crime if you laid your hands of a freeborn boy/man. Because Romulus is tied to the senate and people of rome it is a great political risk too. If word would get out Romulus is someones bitch who knows what would happen. The whole empire could fall apart. What isn’t good for the hive is not good for the bee.

But there is more to it. When they were young they had their city sacked. Remus had been so scared he had just rolled up to a ball underneath his bed. And he prayed there crying for the Gods to save him. His prayers did get answered cause Romulus had come back for him from the safety of the hill. He guarded him against the invaders so Remus could escape only to be taken instead. In the weeks that followed everything was looted from the city and the screams had long died out. Still no sign of Romulus. When they finally got reunited after months as the ransom was paid, Remus hardly recognised his brother. “Did they hurt you?” “I can’t talk about it” Remus out of respect never again asked what happend, Romulus never spoke about it. It has left Remus with a feeling of great guilt and he has vowed never to let anyone hurt his brother ever again.

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