I just saw your Lore Olympus video and you men…

I just saw your Lore Olympus video and you mention Punderworld in the end (which is a very cute comic!) so I wondered if you know "The Last Bacchae" which is an urban fantasy comic in modern day unsurprisingly focusing on Dionysos but other Greek gods appear too. The main character is an endearingly nerdy Irish girl and the creators put a lot of loving research into it. You find it on tumblr or facebook 🙂

I actually follow The Last Bacchae on here, but I haven’t read it yet! It’s one I’m definitely going to dive into soon (probably sooner since you reminded me of it!) because, with all of the schoolwork I’ve had lately, I keep forgetting which things I should read. Thank you for recommending it and reminding me to get on that!

I have a new video, and it’s about Lore Olympu…

I have a new video, and it’s about Lore Olympus! This is an honest review from a Classics major who read through 82 comics in about three days.

CW/TW: Sexual assault is discussed in this video. Specifics are discussed between 13:4317:29 and 27:0128:21. References to it with no details occur throughout the video.
Note: This video contains spoilers for the webcomic “Lore Olympus.”


Sorry I haven’t been as active on here as I usually am! This semester I’m taking 3 graduate-level courses, and I’m still working full-time, and I’m a Tuition Scholar, which means service work on top of all of that. I’m trying to prevent myself from burning out too much, so I’ve been lurking on here and been a bit more active on Twitter lately. However, I’m super excited about my current classes; they just take up a lot of time. Once the semester begins to wind down, I’ll be a bit better about interactions/uploads/reblogs again. And, as always, y’all are more than welcome to send me messages or asks if you have any questions about Classics, history, Museum Studies, grad school, or anything relevant to those subjects. I hope you’re all having a good semester! 

So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon with th…

So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon with the bingo, perhaps a little late. And here’s each row:

Row 1: Pagan, Never Sleeps, Pansexual, Has Cats, Quietly Follows The Discourse TM
Row 2: Does Not Know How to Relax, Likes Coffee As Long As It Doesn’t Taste Like Coffee, Chai Tea Lattes, Polyamorous, Obscure Meme Appreciation
Row 3: Grad Student, Picky Eater, FREE, Cherry Dr. Pepper, Cannabis
Row 4: Watching TV Shows Repeatedly Instead of Starting New Ones on My List, Eccentric Sense of Style, ADHD, Theatre Kid TM, Eats Cheese Despite Lactose Intolerance
Row 5: Never Shuts Up About Classics, Would Eat the Bog Butter, Ex-Jock, Recovering Catholic, Plans on Continuing School Forever to Avoid the Reality of Student Loan Repayment

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