Called for

“Why are you even here?” Remus asked. The boy didn’t trust the freedman one bit. More precisely, he didn’t trust him with his brother. Or rather… he didn’t trust his brother… with him. The man raised his brow. Ofcourse he would fake innocence, Remus thought. “Why? He has send word and asked me to. You know he is not feeling well. If I was to reject what kind of friend would that make me?” “Dont play me like a fool, what friend gets paid by the hour.” The other flinched angrily but refrained from speaking “Either way there will be no compensation for your overtime, just so you know. You were hired to help him with his studies! Your patron praised you so much, but you fail to deliver. How is that even possible?!..” boys got more rude every year it seemed. The man rubbed his brow in frustration, but let the other continue “…Do note that I AM watching you. If you draw too much attention I will cut you. And that would be bitter for everyone involved cause we need your patron’s vote. Do you understand?” “Yes young sir” “Good” the boy replied. The man watched him march off triomfantically. Yes that would teach him. It wasn’t like he could just pack and move out of this hellhole to the countryside. He was old enough to have just accepted that were the way of things. He took a deep breath and tried to shake it off. What an annoying brat, that other Rome was. “Two sides of the same coin, they said…”

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