5th Century AD Byzantine Thermae (Public Baths…

5th Century AD Byzantine Thermae (Public Baths) Discovered in Downtown of Bulgarian Black Sea City Varna

The newly discovered Late Roman / Early Byzantine thermae are the second public baths of ancient Odessos, today’s Varna, dating from the 5th – 6th century AD, after the already known Small (South) Roman Thermae. The much more sizable Large Roman Thermae of Odessos go back earlier, dating to the 2nd century AD. Photo: BTA

The ruins of a building of thermae (public baths) from the 5th century AD,…

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First Ever Synagogue from Medieval Bulgarian E…

First Ever Synagogue from Medieval Bulgarian Empire Discovered in Trapesitsa Fortress in Old Capital Veliko Tarnovo

The hexagonal building found in 2014, and thought to have been Church No. 21 of the Trapesitsa Hill Fortress in Bulgaria’s Veliko Tarnovo is now hypothesized to have been a medieval synagogue. Photo: Archaeologist Mirko Robov via Yantra Dnes daily

The first known synagogue from the times of the medieval Bulgarian Empire has been discovered by archaeologists excavating the Trapesitsa Fortressin…

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Hoard of Byzantine Gold Coins Hidden during Hu…

Hoard of Byzantine Gold Coins Hidden during Hun Invasion Discovered in Ancient Marcianopolis in Bulgaria’s Devnya

The 16 Byzantine gold coins discovered in the ruins of ancient Marcianopolis, a very substantial Roman city in today’s Northeast Bulgaria. Photo: Devnya Ancient and Modern Facebook Page

A Byzantine gold treasure from the 5th century BC, i.e. the early period of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium), consisting of a hoard of gold coins of Emperor Theodosius II which were probably hidden when the…

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Several missions launched for the new archaeol…

Several missions launched for the new archaeological season in Luxor – Egypt Independent:

By Al-Masry Al-Youm

“The new archaeological season has begun, showing promise in Luxor, the capital of world tourism. There are currently five archaeological missions, including three Egyptian missions, one Spanish, and one American conducting excavations there. Several new mission and projects have been approved for the new season.”

“Luxor is known for its rich tombs and pharaonic temples, which all seem like they will see a strong tourist season.”

“Last season witnessed many discoveries and restorations of Pharaonic tombs, palaces, and statues of Pharaonic kings in several areas.”

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More human skeletons at Rome metro station

More human skeletons at Rome metro station:

By Wanted In Rome

“Two more human skeletons have been unearthed during works in Rome’s Piazzale Ostiense, outside the Piramide metro station, days after another skeleton was discovered nearby.”

“The latest skeletons to be found belong to a woman and child, and date to the first century BC, according to Italian newspaper La Repubblica.”

“Archaeologists believe the three skeletons are from the Ostiense necropolis, built in the first century BC on the sides of the consular road, and in use for several centuries.”

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Skeleton of Ancient Sports Fan Found Buried wi…

Skeleton of Ancient Sports Fan Found Buried with Head-Shaped Jar | Ancient Origins:


“A grave has been found in Bulgaria with the skeleton of an ancient sportsman or sports fan.  Alongside the human remains was a nearly 2000-year-old jar that represents the head of a boxer or a wrestler.”

“The discovery was made near the village of Boyanovo, Elkhovo, in the southeastern part of Bulgaria by a team of archaeologists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and reported in the American Journal of Archaeology. According to LiveScience, the burial was ‘‘part of a larger burial complex that was found within a 9.8-foot-high (3 meter) burial mound called a tumulus’’. The team was led by Daniela Agre and they have been working at the site since 2015.”

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Researchers use pollen to recreate ancient pla…

Researchers use pollen to recreate ancient plants in Tunisia – Tunisia – ANSAMed:

“(ANSAmed) – TUNIS, SEPTEMBER 26 – A team of Italian researchers will rebuild for the first time in Tunisia the exact botanical composition of an ancient garden inside an aristocratic villa from 2,000 years ago, starting with pollen.”

“The Nymfarum Domus, a luxurious "domus” from about 400 A.D., is situated at the centre of Neapolis in the Gulf of Hammamet, in the area of Nabeul.“

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Archaeologists strive to solve mystery of gian…

Archaeologists strive to solve mystery of giant ancient green rock in central Turkey:

By Daily Sabah

“A giant ancient green rock located in the capital of the Hittite Empire in central Turkey awaits visitors and archaeology enthusiasts to solve its centuries-old mystery.”

“Foreign and local tourists visiting Hattusa, the capital of the empire which lies near modern Boğazkale in Çorum province, are fascinated by the beauty of the rare rock.”

“Referred to as the "wish stone” among locals, the giant rock’s mystery is yet to be solved.“

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Roman fort discovered under Exeter bus station

Roman fort discovered under Exeter bus station:

From The Guardian

“The remains of a Roman fort have been discovered under a bus station in Exeter.”

“Archaeologists have described the find, which occurred during redevelopment of the site in the Devon city, as important and unexpected.”

“A Roman ditch was first uncovered, with further excavations revealing two more ditches running parallel to each other. These belonged to a previously unknown military site, which was either a fort occupied by an army unit or a defended compound.”

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‘Extremely Rare’ Wall Tower Discovered in Medi…

‘Extremely Rare’ Wall Tower Discovered in Medieval Trapesitsa Fortress in Bulgaria’s Veliko Tarnovo

The ruins of the previously known large fortress tower in the Trapesitsa Fortress in Bulgaria’s Veliko Tarnovo have been unearthed with the help of climbers given the steep terrain, with the fortress wall on the edge of the Trapesitsa Hill, tower dozens of meters above the gorge of the Yantra River. Photo: Yantra Dnes daily

A previously unknown fortress tower described as an “extremely rare…

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