naomimakesart: Wanted to draw something that …


Wanted to draw something that was kind of spooky and magic themed, and I thought it would be really interesting to see Shiera Seastar practicing some dark arts to help Bloodraven spy on enemies of the crown!

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I recently finished A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by GRRM (I really enjoyed it btw I hope he releases more novellas about these two soon, also the first page of the first story was the epitome of skillfully starting a short story, like, oooof GRRM you’re so good at this), and my favorite part from any of three stories was when Daemon II Blackfyre was dtf the literal moment he saw Dunk. He was utterly fine with completely abandoning his childhood friend (and from how I read it, lover) because some random tall dude without a shirt on stumbled out of a bush on the side of the road. He was ready to make him the head of his Kingsguard, give him a new horse, sex him up on the roof of that castle– I just…icon. same, too. Dunk the Lunk, thick as a castle wall? More like Dunk the Hunk, thicc as a castle wall, amirite?? I am.

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