An Athenian white-ground lekythos by the Achil…

An Athenian white-ground lekythos by the Achilles Painter showing a Muse seated on Mount Helicon. The inscription above praises the youth Axiopeithes. About 440 BC . Height of figure frieze about 17 cm. (Munich, von Schoen)

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Acne-prone dirt movers like myself, if you can afford this for your faces I really recommend it. Super light, effective, and if you just use it on your face and go for cheaper stuff on your body, mine lasts a good 6 months before I have to buy another. It’s non-comedogenic, but make sure you always apply it with clean hands.


As the palest of the dirt children, I used this on my face plus a spray on 50 spf sport sunscreen. It works fantastically on noses and ears. But remember sunscreen only works if you apply and RE-APPLY it!


Pro tip for dirtlings who are digging in sunny places:

I’m sure you’ve gotten the lecture about putting sunscreen on your body. I’m here to tell you to please remember to get a chapstick with spf to protect your lips. Sunburned lips are seriously not fun.

This is the brand I use. You can get it on Amazon, but a lot of drug and grocery stores sell it too.

Egypt says it’s unearthed large animal mummy, …

Egypt says it’s unearthed large animal mummy, likely a lion:

There are lion burials from the predynastic period at Hierakonpolis, which are the ones mentioned in this article. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise to find more, given that we believe they were kept as symbols of power and fear. I’m wondering why they say it’s a mummy, though. The photo doesn’t seem to show mummification. Have to wait and see, I guess.

Archaeologists unearth ancient settlement in S…

Archaeologists unearth ancient settlement in SE Turkey:

Good heavens, that’s an old sewer, but I shouldn’t be surprised by that. Other Neolithic sites like Göbekli Tepe show how advanced the civilisations were at that time, so sewers should be expected, I reckon.

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