The Running Course in Sparta. To the left are …

The Running Course in Sparta. To the left are depicted the sanctuary of the DIOSCURI, the temple of Apollo, the tomb of Eumides and the altar of Heracles. To the left of the running course is the statue of Polydeuces (one of the DIOSCURI). In the center is the Platanistas. To the right of the running course are the Gymnasium, the statue of Castor (brother of Polydeuces), and at the very right the Odeon.
Image: Jos Hoffmann: Der Dromos in Sparta (c. 1870).

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[Greek odeion: ‘music-hall’]. Th…

[Greek odeion: ‘music-hall’]. The term perhaps originates with the Odeion built by Pericles at Athens in the 5th century BC and intended for musical and artistic performances of some kind.  Image: 

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens

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