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Romulus domus was larger than she had expected it to be. Her husband mentioned he had money problems, but it wasn’t showing. They got a nice room and even her slaves got a good place to stay. Romulus seemed to treat everybody with respect either of high or low ranking, except women… what was to be expected. But she’d take care of that now. “Mister Rome, Tullus… can you spare a moment?” He looked up from his paperwork and smiled “Yes?” “Can we have a word in private?” He nodded and asked a slave to leave the room and close the door to his study. He shoved his paperwork aside and got up. Iullia looked around curiously from behind her peacock fan. What a mess this place. “I’d like to thank you personally for the warm welcome” “Iullia, You are family!” he said leaning in to kiss her brow. She halted him by smacking him with the back of her hand. He looked at her in disbelief. “Don’t you EVER touch me” she said “I only meant..” “NOBODY cares for your intentions, which I’m sure are gallant… but often naive. I am married to your brother so you’ll keep your distance at all times.” Romulus didn’t know what to say. He figured she got hurt by someone and that she was afraid of him.

“If you fail to do this for him…” Ohh it was not about her. She took him by the ear like a child and whispered “…I’ll scoop out your eyes with a spoon so you can see up close how I castrate you. Do I make myself clear?” he jerked loose and rubbed his ear “alright… I promiss, I won’t forget.” “I am So glad to hear that” “..Lady Iullia?” “Yes dear?” “Take good care of him. I believe you two are a perfect match” she sighed “Naive didn’t I say. There is no such thing. You read too much stories. Perfection takes time and effort always” “Even in love?” “Especially in love you fool”


Rome and Germania

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Um um ok so I doodled a foxy grandpa today and…

Um um ok so I doodled a foxy grandpa today and thought of you since you’re like..super cool and oh gosh-. The world always needs more Rome-.

Also I’m sorry – I know this is kinda out of nowhere–.

@ask-deus-romano HOLY SMOKES HE IS HOT AF. Now we definetely need more of that. Thanks for sharing.

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