The Running Course in Sparta. To the left are …

The Running Course in Sparta. To the left are depicted the sanctuary of the DIOSCURI, the temple of Apollo, the tomb of Eumides and the altar of Heracles. To the left of the running course is the statue of Polydeuces (one of the DIOSCURI). In the center is the Platanistas. To the right of the running course are the Gymnasium, the statue of Castor (brother of Polydeuces), and at the very right the Odeon.
Image: Jos Hoffmann: Der Dromos in Sparta (c. 1870).

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Inscription Reveals Final Years of Life in Pom…

Inscription Reveals Final Years of Life in Pompeii Before the City Was Buried in Ash:

In the decades before the city of Pompeii was buried in ash by the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79, everyday life was filled with parties and struggles.

That’s according to a recently deciphered inscription found on the wall of a Pompeii tomb that was discovered there in 2017.

The inscription describes a massive coming-of-age party for a wealthy young man. who reaches the age of an adult citizen. According to the inscription, he threw a massive party that included a banquet serving 6,840 people and a show in which 416 gladiators fought over several days.

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Greek Police Arrest Group Charged with Plunder…

Greek Police Arrest Group Charged with Plundering Ancient Shipwrecks |

By Nick Kampouris

“Greek police announced on Monday that they have arrested three men on the island of Kythnos for allegedly plundering precious historical artifacts from ancient shipwrecks off the coast.”

“The police said that they have discovered approximately 25 ancient amphorae (pottery vases), dating from the 4th century BC up until the late Middle Ages, in the possession of the three men on Kythnos.”

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Several missions launched for the new archaeol…

Several missions launched for the new archaeological season in Luxor – Egypt Independent:

By Al-Masry Al-Youm

“The new archaeological season has begun, showing promise in Luxor, the capital of world tourism. There are currently five archaeological missions, including three Egyptian missions, one Spanish, and one American conducting excavations there. Several new mission and projects have been approved for the new season.”

“Luxor is known for its rich tombs and pharaonic temples, which all seem like they will see a strong tourist season.”

“Last season witnessed many discoveries and restorations of Pharaonic tombs, palaces, and statues of Pharaonic kings in several areas.”

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More human skeletons at Rome metro station

More human skeletons at Rome metro station:

By Wanted In Rome

“Two more human skeletons have been unearthed during works in Rome’s Piazzale Ostiense, outside the Piramide metro station, days after another skeleton was discovered nearby.”

“The latest skeletons to be found belong to a woman and child, and date to the first century BC, according to Italian newspaper La Repubblica.”

“Archaeologists believe the three skeletons are from the Ostiense necropolis, built in the first century BC on the sides of the consular road, and in use for several centuries.”

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Safeguarding Greece’s antiquities from climate…

Safeguarding Greece’s antiquities from climate change, Sakis Ioannidis | Kathimerini:


“The Greek Culture Ministry is putting together an interdisciplinary committee of experts who will be responsible for drawing up a national action plan to tackle the impact of climate change on the country’s archaeological sites and historic monuments.”
“Climate change is fast emerging as a significant threat to the country’s historical and cultural heritage and one that has not been sufficiently addressed, according to Culture Minister Lina Mendoni.”
“It can have an adverse effect on monuments and archaeological sites, but also on museum exhibits if the proper measures are not taken. You cannot say that any are in imminent danger in Greece right now, but we really need to take measures to prevent this from happening,” Mendoni told Kathimerini.”

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