I feel like you’ll appreciate this photo I took several years ago when I was in school of a raven getting spooked by something in the bushes

For your consideration

when Frigg asks you where you’ve been for the last eight years and you don’t have another new excuse planned for being a fortune witch and a slut

As if the Terrible One couldn’t just say “I put on a fabulous ensemble and sucked a lotta dick” and the All-Mother wouldn’t be all like “Okay, that’s fine. Just call next time.”

Literally, that’s Exactly what Frigg would say.

Thank you, exactly. I feel like some people expect her to be Hera-like because that’s what the wives of wandering husbands are supposed to be like, right? But like there’s no evidence she gives a shit. She clearly knew what she was in for when she married him. She gets to manage their home without stupid dude input, doesn’t have a lot of child-making/sex pressure (she seems to not be that interested) because he can clearly get it elsewhere, he comes home to her with awesome stories, and he’s clearly still devoted and in love with her because that’s literally what her name means.

Anyway, the beginning of this post is also great ❤️

Hell, she even has the occasional side fling herself, which Odin gives exactly 0 shits about.

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