I’m playing in a very brief D&D campaign in a setting inspired by ancient Greece. My character is a centaur paladin.

First Name: Nikephoros “bringer of victory” (a chosen name representing his devotion to Athena)

Last Name: Megahippides “son/descendant of the big horse” (because you gotta be a thicc boi to wear heavy barding)

For anyone who wants to min-max as a centaur tank, here’s what I did:

  • Make dexterity a dump stat, as you can’t use it in heavy armor. With negative Dex and disadvantage from heavy armor, your stealth checks will be hilariously bad but you will have no need to hide.
  • Buy plate armor when you can afford it. The price for humanoids is 1,500 gp, but you’re mostly horse so the 4x barding multiplier means you’ll have to pay 6,000 GP. Splint barding is a much more affordable alternative at 4 x 200 GP, with a fairly minor downside of 17 AC instead of 18 AC.
  • Shield  = +2 AC
  • Defense Fighting Style = +1 AC whenever wearing armor
  • Cast Shield of Faith (+2 AC) whenever you find yourself in an encounter. It’s a bonus action so it almost never gets in the way of the other stuff you wanted to do on your turn. The duration is 10 minutes–or less if your concentration is interrupted, but it’s going to be extremely rare that you have to make a concentration check because who the heck is going to hit you when your AC is 23? (Answer: wizards casting fireball.)
  • I took the War Caster feat because (A) I got tired of losing concentration spells in my last campaign and (B) as a paladin I want to be able to cast spells while holding my shield and weapon.
  • Big Warning: Centaurs don’t count as “mounted” for the purpose of being able to use a lance one-handed! I’m pretty sure this rule was made for balance purposes, not in the interests of realism, although it is an open question how well a centaur would be able to fight with the couched lance style realistically.
  • I hired a gnome ferrier / blacksmith / tinkerer to help me don / doff my armor, shoe/unshoe my hooves, repair my armor, and provide general hireling services. I try to keep him out of encounters so I don’t have to give him combat pay.
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