katherinebarlow: Orestes by Euripides, 408 BC…


  1. Orestes by Euripides, 408 BCE (“…μὴ θεαί μ᾽ οἴστρῳ κατάσχωσι.”)
  2. trans. Michael Wodhull, 1782 (“Lest those Goddesses should seize me/ With frenzy.”)
  3. trans. T. A. Buckley, 1858 (“I fear lest the Goddesses should stop me with their torments.”)
  4. trans. E. P. Coleridge, 1891 (“I am afraid the goddesses will prevent me by madness.”)
  5. trans. Arthur S. Way, 1898 (“Lest the Fiends by madness stay me.”)
  6. trans. Philip Vellacott, 1972 (“This: suppose the Furies drive me mad?”)
  7. trans. Kenneth McLeish, 1997 (“If the goddesses come… another fit…”)
  8. trans. David Kovacs, 2002 (“…the fear that the goddesses may seize me with frenzy.”)
  9. trans. Anne Carson, 2009 (“The ghastly goddessess—they’ll send my wits astray.”)
  10. trans. Ian Johnston, 2010 (“I’m worried the goddesses will stop me with this madness.”)
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