Can you eat the eggs?

Can you eat the eggs?

// I know they do. I had to look that up appearantly there are people who do that but I don’t know how long these have been laying beneath all the sand. Turtles are pretty dirty and can make people ill. They are really tough and don’t get sick easily. So I’m not risking to die by having a free meal, lol.

I am glad they are laying eggs though. If they feel their home is not good they will stop laying eggs, keep them inside and worst case scenario they die.

keeping turtles is a very expensive (1000.- tank, energy bill and water bill exploding, big filter, food luckely doesnt have to be that expensive) and time consuming past time. I saved these from a guy who wanted to flush them 😢 but I strongly advice people to keep any other pet. the only really big plus is that they can go without food for a weekend.

they get old too. It’s fairly possible that my kid will move out before they do 😂

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