I play on a Minecraft sever with a few friends and I discovered this really cool mountainous archipelago that I founded a city on (still in progress). One of my friend’s requested to help me develop it; I granted him permission and the title of Patrician one one condition: all structures on my islands must have a Greco-Roman theme. I am pleased with his contribution, although it does need some better lighting (he’s working on it).

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i know absolutely jack shit about hieroglyphics but just based on these little dudes i can say with complete confidence that hieroglyphics fucking own

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Hieroglyphs with legs always own 

But we must also not forget:

I’m wearing a wheel of cheese

Look at all these lemons actually the sign for mouth but...

Britney Spears 2001 VMA

and last but not least

But that’s none of my business

Stick m’leg out real far





latin fact #1: the letter v in latin is pronounced like the letter w in english. as such, the latin word for hello, salve, would be pronounced sal-weh

latin fact #2: there’s a quote from vergil’s aeneid, one of the most famous works of latin literature, that includes the phrase nunc morere, which is basically the latin way of saying “then perish”

latin fact #3: thanks to latin pronunciation rules, you could totally make a hewwo mr obama meme in latin using a quote from one of the most influential poems of the ancient world

look if i’m gonna be cursed with this knowledge i’m gonna curse y’all with it too

s-salve quod aliquis??

Obama: *caverna 

implet cum aqua*

s-salve obsecro aliquis auxilium mihi s-salve!!!

Obama: *potes sentire superficiem vix tactus apud te*

n-nonnonnon salve!! salve!



Obama: Deus rreliqua vostrum anima 

salve! mulier quid faciens haec salve!! auxilium mihi obsecro



M-mr Obama quī vos salve! obsecro

mihi obsecro videri in paulum angustiae mr Obama salve s-salve




obsecro mr Obama obsecro salvare mihi facere non

s-salve mr Obama es etiam ibi



M-mr Obama obsecro

submerso s-salve timeo

ero facite aliquis quia vos mr obama



Obama: aliquis?


quia vos

mr obama :3

Obamanunc morere







When I looked it up, I couldn’t find any sources to support this information outside of tumblr. Regardless of how factual this is, it’s still amusing. And if someone can find a source for this, by all means, please share it with me. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time looking, so it’s entirely possible that it’s out there and I just couldn’t find it


fun fact: The Ghost Of Vergil apparently communicated in german


well, i guess if teaching doesnt work out i can always be a medium for the ghosts of the latin-speaking


Now all I can think of is me trying to summon a probably very grouchy, depressed 15th century French guy to demand he explain his word choices in the poetry I’m translating.


hey does anyone else remember the 1956 penguin classics edition of the aeneid and how when the translator (w.f. jackson knight) got stuck with the latin he would get his friend who was a medium to uhhhhhh summon The Ghost Of Vergil to help him out? and how sometimes The Ghost Of Vergil would be accompanied by The Ghost Of Euripides? and how The Ghost Of Vergil called jackson knight agrippa because he thought he was a reincarnation of marcus vipsanius agrippa? because i think about these things a lot,

hi you can find this info on w.f. jackson knight’s wiki page. my source was a lecture in my translation theory module; here is the relevant slide:

it’s also discussed in this review of a biography of w.f. jackson knight:



Just a quick thing on a comment by @kitkat-the-muffin (I can’t tag you, not sure why):

From the version I’ve read, Meleager was on a boar hunt when an argument broke out with his uncles over who should take the hide of the boar as a prize (he’d given it to Atalanta). They argued that Atalanta didn’t deserve it because she didn’t kill it (she drew first blood and wounded it, Meleager stabbed it) and because she was a woman.

Meleager was having none of that so he killed them. His mother became angry because they were her brothers so she threw the stick into a fire thus killing him.


Can we randomly bring up the fact that he died fighting against some guys who were being sexist towards Atalanta? And his dad might have been Ares. Clearly seeing where the Respecting Women Juice came from.


Statue of Meleager

A modern copy of Skopas’ Meleager, 2nd century CE, in Vatican.

-Château de Vincennes, France.

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