that tweet that’s like ‘young women not wanting to read classics bc they’re misogynistic is valid’ or w/e is like. i don’t necessarily agree or disagree with the concept because it’s way more nuanced than a tweet can convey, but it’s absolutely not a Hot Take when basically the majority of literary scholarship over the past three decades has been dedicated to post-colonialism, feminist (of various waves) readings, and general deconstruction of the canon and it’s so annoying to see the post passed round as the truth just because people on twitter don’t engage with literary scholarship. it was academics that originated the feminist readings that are now mainstream, academics that challenged the traditional narratives of the canon, and the idea that academics are uncritical of literature is so offensive and anti-intellectual



For anyone who needs to hear it:

Your late teens/20s are a weird time in your life. Don’t panic if you think somebody is more “ahead” than you. The concept of being ahead is nonexistent anyway because life’s not a race and each person has different hurdles to overcome.

It’s totally fine if you’re single. It’s fine if you’re still finishing school. It’s fine if you are still looking for a better job, or for any job at all. It’s fine if you haven’t had sex yet, or haven’t gotten your driver license yet. It’s fine if you haven’t gotten your own place yet. It’s fine if you are still figuring things out, saving money, putting the pieces together. It’s fine.

Don’t feel jealous of or lesser than people your age who have done these things. You don’t know what obstacles they faced to get there and they don’t know what you’ve faced. Don’t undermine the progess you have made.

Because, trust me, you have made progress. Even if it hasn’t materialized yet in the traditional way.

You are still young. Like really young.

You got time.



ancient roman things we should bring back

  • the toga
  • having a cool ring with a seal on it that you could sign important documents with
  • those arm bracelets that look like snakes
  • weirdly sexy religious festivals like the lupercal and bacchanalia
  • dating things by the founding of your city
  • putting dicks on everything to ward off the evil eye
  • niche gods like verminus, the god of worms that your cows get
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