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one gifset for every show I love 14/∞: Rome (2005-2007)

These are the words of Gaius Julius Caesar, direct descendant of Venus, proconsul of Gaul, glorious imperator of the northern legions. Citizens, I have returned to Italy with the sole intention of claiming my legal and moral rights. I have no desire for unlawful powers. I will name no man an enemy who does not so declare himself. Even so, the property of those enemies will not be appropriated and their person will remain inviolate as long as their opposition be peaceful. Moreover, to any man that has taken arms against me and now regrets it, I gladly offer total amnesty. However, those that continue to use violence to oppose my legal rights, they shall receive that which they seek to give. Under the auspices of Jupiter Capitolinus, these are the words of Gaius Julius Caesar.

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Ancient Romans worshipped the pagan god Mithras in underground temples.
The temple (mithraeum) was used for initiations; members were generally
male, and in the military. The cave represented the journey of the soul
and the image of the cosmos.

The best known mithraeum in Rome is
in the Basilica of San Clemente (a fascinating church near the
Colosseum, which sits on top of a subterranean labyrinth of ruins).
There are also mithrae located beneath Palazzo Barberini and the church
of Santa Prisca on the Aventine Hill, but the San Clemente mithraeum is
the most accessible.

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Inscription from the Ancient Roman Arch of Constantine, Dedicated in 315 AD:

imp · caes · fl · constantino · maximo · p · f · avgusto · s · p · q · r · qvod · instinctv · divinitatis · mentis · magnitvdine · cvm · exercitv · svo · tam · de · tyranno · qvam · de · omni · eivs · factione · vno · tempore · ivstis · rem-pvblicam · vltvs · est · armis · arcvm · trivmphis · insignem · dicavit

To the Emperor Caesar Flavius Constantinus, the greatest, pious, and blessed Augustus: because he, inspired by the divine, and by the greatness of his mind, has delivered the state from the tyrant and all of his followers at the same time, with his army and just force of arms, the Senate and People of Rome have dedicated this arch, decorated with triumphs.

Photo courtesy & taken by Wilson Delgado

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